Plast is an artist run exhibition space
Stannebeinplatz 7 04347 Leipzig

Plast is an artist run exhibition space
Stannebeinplatz 7 04347 Leipzig
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Day Jung

Space, Folded Feeling

30.7.-5.8.21 Opening: 29.7. – 18h

How the real space is influenced by the virtual space.
How is the real "I" influenced by the virtual "I" and what kind of feelings can we feel when the real "I" interferes with the virtual space.

Recently, I have been looking at how virtual spaces and social media can change our real lives.

According to the Coronavirus, we are experiencing more and more changes every day, the biggest of which is the acceleration of the development of virtual reality technology.

If we focus on the shape of our life in the virtual world, how does our life change in this situation? How is it perceived and felt by the real body? And what about the space in reality?

The exhibition Space, Folded Feeling shows 2 videos and installation works. The videos consist of various shots such as 3D animations, avatars and actual videos. Installation works are another attempts. In a short essay, I would like to briefly show how my real space and senses change through virtual reality.
Artists: Day Jung
Text: Day Jung
Poster design: Day Jung
Installation views: Day Jung