Plast is an artist run non-
commercial exhibition space
Stannebeinplatz 7
04347 Leipzig

Plast is an artist run non-commercial exhibition space
Stannebeinplatz 7 04347 Leipzig
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︎︎︎ Lior Chiara Mila Jasón

Casa de noche

18:00 Uhr

(pls book your time slot here)
~ I am seven years old
I still have the fears 
fantasies and nightmares
of a four or five year old.

At bedtime I have trouble sleeping.
I wander alone in the house at night
everyone is asleep ~

Casa de noche is a 20 minute performance where a 7 year old girl who suffers from agonizing nightmares, narrates the terror of the night. The performance is
based on the autobiographical fable "la máquina de proyectar sueños" by Cecilia Szperling.

The performance will be shown from 24.-29.01. and only by appointments. 

Installation views ©Sijo Choi Kim