Plast is an artist run non-
commercial exhibition space
Stannebeinplatz 7
04347 Leipzig

Plast is an artist run non-commercial exhibition space
Stannebeinplatz 7 04347 Leipzig
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︎︎︎ Estelle Quarino with Julia De Martino and Felix Almes



Opening: Thursday 8.12.22, 7 pm
8. and 15.12.2022, 7pm
Equa & Juniper – Ambient noise live performance

Through an exploration of the ritual, pagan process, this live set interweaves the human voice with organic and electronic sounds, vibrating in infinite glitching feedback and ethereal distortion.
Mixing body movement, performance, and latex, the outcome emerges as an ever-growing journey in the sacred exploration of noise.
Sound artist performers: Estelle Quarino & Julia De Martino

18.12.2022, 7pm
Equa & fffff – Experimental noise performance  

The Duo invites you to join them to a diversified travels throught light, dark and colorful lunar landscape.
A intuitive live generated sound composition with atmospheric soundscapes and audio journeys."
Sound artist performers: Estelle Quarino & Felix Almes

Graphic design: Alexander Turovsky

Funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Leipzig.